Terms of Service


Buy purchasing from Lilium, you are agreeing to and must adhere to the set terms and conditions of the store.




The store Lilium is managed and maintained by only one person, so your patience is greatly appreciated. The quality of each item will be checked carefully and each order will be wrapped with love to ensure they arrive at your door safely.

Possible causes of delay for production or shipping may or may not be limited to:

— Covid-19 related travel and parcel transit restrictions
— inclement weather
— unique holidays
— convention preparation period
— illness
— other personal matters




All international payments to Lilium will be processed via PayPal and via credit card through PayMongo, our local version of Stripe. Should you have questions regarding usage of these platforms, please refer to the PayPal Help Center and the PayMongo Help Center.

For locals in the Philippines, modes of payment accepted are via bank deposit and online fund transfers. Here is a list of accepted payment methods:

BDO bank deposit / online transfer
UnionBank bank deposit / online transfer *preferred
ING bank deposit / online transfer *preferred
BPI bank deposit / online transfer
GCash online transfer *preferred
PayMaya online transfer

Cash on Delivery is available only for on-hand items.
For convention pickups, immediate payment is required for preorder items.




Pre-order status means these items are NOT ON HAND or NOT IN STOCK

Some pre-order items need to reach a quota for the pre-order batch to push through. This is to assure that the quality and the price of the pre-ordered items will not get compromised.

Once the quota has been reached, pre-order items will go through the manufacturing process. This means both Lilium and the customer/s are waiting for the pre-ordered items to be produced by the manufacturer and to pass quality checks before getting shipped to the store owner.

Small items like lanyards, pins , etc. will be shipped by air. Shipment via air/express may take 5 to 7 business days of transit to Lilium.

Big items like dolls will be shipped via sea freight. Shipment via sea freight may take 18 to 20 business days of transit to Lilium.

Lilium will provide updates about the production of the pre-ordered item from reaching the quota until the items arrive in-store. Photo and/or video updates will be posted on the store owner’s socials, the Lilium’s blog section, and the store’s Etsy social updates tab once provided by the manufacturer.

Delays may happen during the pre-order period due to unforeseen circumstances such as:

— manufacturer-related delays
— Covid-19 related travel and parcel transit restrictions
— inclement weather
— store owner’s health, etc.

We will do our best to inform you right away of any delays that may occur during the course of the pre-order batch. Please bear with us as it is also now the monsoon season in our country, there may be days we have no internet connection to reply as timely as we could.

NO REFUNDS OR CANCELLATIONS. The money Lilium receives from pre-orders will be used for paying the manufacturing process upfront once the quota has been reached.

However, your order is transferrable in case you would like to give your slot to someone else. The store refund and cancellation policies apply, check below for more details.

Purchasing these pre-order items after reading the Pre-order Terms and Conditions mean you understand and agree to the terms and will wait with us as we produce your orders for you.




All orders will be packed carefully and will be shipped from the Philippines via PHL Post, our local post office or DHL (eCommerce via Courier Express). Packages normally arrive around 10 to 14 days (holidays and weekends not included) after they are shipped. Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, transit time may take up to 25 to 30 business days depending on your country.

Please ensure that you have provided accurate information regarding your shipping address to avoid other problems with shipping. In case a change of address is required for an order that is not yet shipped, please use the contact form to inform Lilium immediately.

If an item is required by a certain date, please say so in the notes and Lilium will try its best to accommodate your request. Please understand that it takes time to produce certain products and Lilium cannot rush suppliers so as not to compromise the quality of our products.

Orders will be shipped via DPX for Metro Manila addresses and LBC or NinjaVan for provincial addresses. To get an estimate for shipping cost, just input your province in the Checkout page. 

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number automatically via email after your order status is updated.





Any damage incurred by the package because of poor handling by the post office is no longer the responsibility of Lilium. In case your package does not arrive in time, or you suspect that it is lost, please contact your local post office immediately as Lilium cannot contact them for you.

The store has no means to intercept or redirect packages once they have been shipped. 





Returns or exchanges are only allowed for incorrect orders received by the customer. You are required to send photographic evidence to prove the incorrect order. Once confirmed, please send back the incorrect package to the address indicated in your package and we will reimburse the shipping fee to you via PayPal. The correct order will then be sent to your address during the shipping period.

For packages that are unclaimed and returned to Lilium, an additional fee will be charged to ship it again to the address confirmed by the customer.




Because of Covid-19, many are suffering due to delays in postal service around the world. Many countries still have restrictions for parcel acceptance so patience is truly needed in this time.

Packages that usually take 15-20 working days to arrive have recently been taking up to 25-30 working days to be delivered.

* working days do not include weekends and local holidays

It may take longer than that depending on where you live and when you order items, so consider whether to buy during peak season or holiday rush.

All shipments have tracking numbers. If your order hasn’t arrived yet, please check your tracking number. You may check with your local post office if it’s already there by giving them the tracking number.

If your local post office still does not have your package, kindly wait a little longer. They might be taking time to sort mail due to being short staffed during a pandemic.

On the event that your package does not arrive in 60 working days after ship out date OR your tracking number isn’t working by this time, you are eligible for getting a REPLACEMENT. Please use the contact form to inform me.

* ship out date is when you receive the tracking number

Replacement items are FREE. Customers will just pay additional shipping fee of PHP 300 (~$6 USD), the cheapest option with tracking for packages up to 100g / 4oz in weight.

In this situation, expedited shipping via EMS is an available option for PHP 1,500 (~$30 USD).

If you message me 70 or more working days after your order was shipped out to report that it still has not arrived to you, I will send replacement items for FREE. Replacement items will be sent out via PHLPost Regular Mail and shipping fee will be shouldered by the seller.

In this situation, expedited shipping via EMS is an available option for PHP 750 (~$15 USD).

If your replacement package does not arrive in 30 working days after ship out date OR your tracking number isn’t working by this time, you are eligible for getting a REFUND. Please use the contact form to inform me.



If you have other questions, you may use the contact form or message Lilium via other social media platforms indicated on the store’s home page.