Villains dolls


[ UPDATE: 07/23/2021 ]

BATCH 2 IS OPEN!!! Preorders are now open again for the next batch of villain dolls. Currently, Batch 1 is in transit to the store. Delays were experienced due to store owner’s health, as well as transit delays due to Covid-19 related restrictions. The dolls are being shipped via sea freight to the store owner’s address. Please bear with us as we wait for the dolls to arrive here as well ????

[ UPDATE: 05/20/2021 ]

Dabi is SOLD OUT! A second batch of preorders will be opened once there is enough interest or restock requests 🙂

[ UPDATE: 02/02/2021 ]

Due to the negligence of my initial supplier, samples weren’t made before the Chinese New Year Holidays despite me paying in full last November when production got fully funded ???? However! They’ve refunded me promptly after I requested a refund for not doing any work for 3 whole months. And I’ve successfully switched suppliers right before holidays began.

Samples should be done by end of Feb to early March. Since the new supplier does work fast, the ETA for the dolls remains the same or may arrive earlier. It will depend then on the logistics if there would be any Covid-19-related shipping delays. Thanks for your patience!!

Full update here:

[ UPDATE: 30/11/2020 ]

Happy to announce that the villain dolls are now FULLY FUNDED!!! Thanks to everyone who preordered. Preorders will remain up until all preorder slots are taken!! On hand stocks aren’t guaranteed if we run out of preorder slots, so reserve one while you can.

ETA: Mar-Apr 2021

Samples should be done by January and I’ll make sure to take lots of photos



Boku no Hero Academia / BNHA
Overhaul / Shigaraki / Dabi

Soft dolls
— 20 cm tall
— removable clothes ????

Batch 2 estimated completion: June 2022.