Peach Brooches 05: Sea Birds


Peach Brooches 05: Sea Birds

For the monsoon season, the pin club rewards feature EraserMic Pirate AU, Sea Birds v.1 with Aizawa as a pirate and Mic as a cuckatoo. Another version with Mic as a pirate and Aizawa as a raven will become available in the future.

Hizashi is one of my all time faves (All Might, Endeavor, Present Mic, and Tensei in this order lol) from BNHA, and I’ve always wanted to make more merch of him! I’m glad I was able to have that chance 🎤💖✨

Shipping is FREE for pin club members only.

Nectarine tier, $20 USD monthly 
Tangerine tier, $30 USD monthly
Arboretum tier, $50 USD monthly