Order Status

Since the store was started, I’ve been keeping track of orders this way so customers can see the status of their orders if they’re too shy to send a message or an email! You can just search your order number on this document via the tiny magnifying glass to check the status of your order whether your items are on hand, on preorder status, in transit to the store, or about to be shipped.

If you cannot search for your order number below, kindly try this link. Or use the store’s contact form!

All shipping schedules are tentative since things may change on the day (eg, I get sick, it suddenly rains, post office is closed, etc.) but I try my best to ship orders within the week of the mentioned date.

This document is updated regularly especially now since our state has been in quarantine since Mar 15, 2020 until this writing (Feb 11, 2022). We have no idea when quarantine will end here as our government keeps extending it. And this decision is affecting the local post office dispatch for international mail as well. So I humbly request your patience when waiting for your shipments to arrive 🙏🏻✨