November 2021 Update

Hello, folks!

Thought I’d give a little update regarding the store and what’s been going on behind the scenes 😀



Right now, I still haven’t fully recovered from my surgery. And I’ll be due another doctor’s appointment within the month. Hopefully, it’s nothing too bad post-op but we want to be careful. After all, another hospital visit would be another huge setback;;



The first half of the villain doll orders have been shipped out! These include half of the USA-bound orders and some EU as well. Batch 1 of USA-bound orders were shipped previously via DHL Express to my friend and contact in San Leandro, CA. These were then shipped out individually via USPS to each patient customer. Some non-USA doll orders were shipped out via our local post office, PHLPost, as they have allowed more countries this past month for shipping. Other villain doll orders bound to EU countries were shipped via DHL eCommerce and PostNord Sweden, whichever courier is available for each country.



Dolls have taken the priority for ship outs so some on hand items got delayed a bit! The last ship out for on hand items were on October 25, and the next batch will be shipped out on November 12.

Because of my partner’s new work schedule starting this month, we’ll also be adjusting the times we can go out since he needs to help me carry stuff around while I recover. I will still try to ship out orders as often as I could. But please bear in mind, because of local restrictions and Covid-19 case surges on top of my health condition, we may limit ship outs to the post office to once every 2 weeks.



Our private courier also announced that DHL eCommerce will be discontinued worldwide after November 12. They will be using a new courier partner similar to DHL eCommerce in terms of pricing and transit times. I will share more information about it when it becomes available! This means the prices for shipping via DHL eCommerce in the store will be the same, just with a different courier in the future.



As mentioned in the previous update, all enamel pin pre-orders were divided into batches due to our financial constraints caused by my hospitalization and surgery. Having them made all at once was simply impossible while paying off my hospital bill and getting my meds and appointments. The first batch had started production a few weeks back and should be done by the end of this week.

This batch includes the following pins:

The rest of the pre-order pins and remaining Pin Club rewards will be made and shipped out by January or February next year, 2022.

[UPDATE NOV-23-2021]: There have been several set backs with the current enamel pin batch at the manufacturer. They took a while with my restock pins since my agent is new. My previous agent resigned from work to get married and she moved to the countryside! Bless her soul, I wish her happiness 😭

Some fees also increased, so production slowed down a bit more due to my current financial situation from being hospitalized. This is the same manufacturer, but my new agent said they had a hard time with the glitter pins this time around. They took a while to redo especially the Xiao mask pins! The first glitter pin barely has any visible glitter on for some reason, though all the glow in the dark bits are okay. I just ended up paying extra so we can get the glitter right;;;

These were supposed to be shipped to me a few days ago but because of the revisions, they got delayed even more 😔

The final date of shipment to me would be December 3, 2021. It’s cutting it a little too close to the holiday season for me and I’m just really afraid packages may get lost in the mail during these times. I’ll do my best to ensure nothing gets lost in the mail ^^

** To make sure you’re updated with store related news like shipping schedule updates and delays in production, please do follow my socials! I post regularly about the store especially on my Instagram stories. Or you may subscribe to the store newsletter to receive updates in your emails. Otherwise, all updates are posted on the store blog 📧



Thank you once again to all you kind folks for being super patient with me despite all the setbacks caused by my weak health. I am lucky enough that I never caught Covid-19 the entire time. but I’ve been extra careful even though I often leave our tiny apartment to ship items out every other week.

The last pre-order period will be until around mid December for next year’s first omanjuu batch! This website will be temporarily unavailable after that since we are currently moving web hosts. but our Etsy store will remain open all throughout! Last ship out via post office will be on the first week of December. We’re avoiding shipping out during December to avoid lost parcels as much as possible. But we can accommodate orders with DHL Express shipments until December 17.

Don’t forget, we’ll also be on sale during Black Friday. So be on the look out!


Thank you again, wonderful people 💖
May the rest of the year be good to you 🥰



  • Regular mail via PHLPost ship out once every 2 weeks
  • DHL eCommerce will be replaced by a new private courier (same price and transit time)
  • Post Nord Sweden and private couriers ship out weekly
  • DHL Express ship out weekly or as needed



  • Oct 23, Villain dolls USA batch 1 ship out
  • Oct 25, Villain dolls UK + EU, regular mail ship out
  • Oct 29, Villain dolls EU  DHL eCommerce ship out
  • Nov 4, Villain dolls PH ship out
  • Nov 11, Villain dolls EU PostNord Sweden ship out
  • Nov 12, regular mail ship out
  • Nov 18, regular mail ship out
  • Nov 26, regular mail ship out
  • Nov 29, Villain dolls USA batch 2 ship out
  • Dec 10, regular mail last ship out
  • Dec 17, DHL Express last ship out
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