Moving Out Update


Quick update about what’s happening right now:

So, a lot of things have been happening which has caused several delays. And I’m doing my best so that all customers are updated and well informed about their orders despite the whirlwind of my current situation ????

The cause of delays so far are the following:

— For the past few months, I’ve gone to the dentist several times and ultimately had emergency surgery
— We’re put under strict lockdown again which once again caused travel and parcel transit restrictions until April 30
— The next ship out was supposed to be on April 8, but the post office accessible to me has been closed since April 6

And now finally, due to an emergency situation at home which has been going on from bad, to very bad, to much worse, I am forced to move out a month earlier than my intended date despite the lockdown.

I will be moving out on April 15th.

I’m taking this opportunity as well since we can’t ship out stuff anyway because the post office is closed. But I’m hoping it would open again before the month ends so I can start shipping out around April 30 (tentative). Although my earliest prediction for reopening would be around early May 2021. It may be some sort of divine providence that I have to move out asap while I still can’t ship stuff haha but at least I’m sure there won’t be as much delays anymore after that ????????✨

The new tentative schedule for shipments can be viewed here:

You can also check your order status here so you will know which shipment schedule your order falls under:

For those who need to have their addresses changed, simply reply to this message with your order number and updated address and contact number (if applicable)

This is especially for customers who may also be moving out after the indicated date on your order status shipping schedule. You can check your order status shipping schedule on the link above.

Note: Contact number is optional, address and email are fine. However, including your contact number in your package diminishes the chances of your package getting lost because your local post office can call or contact your phone for it.

For those who want their packages shipped out earlier, I can ship your order out on April 13 only. Your package will be shipped via DHL eCommerce for an additional fee of PHP 400 (~$8 USD) which you can pay via PayPal, credit card via PayMongo (it’s like Stripe, I’ll give you a link!) or via Etsy (I’ll make you a listing!)

This is especially for customers who are in a hurry, need their order for a birthday or occasion or orders with UK addresses that initially paid for Regular Mail shipping.

Note: Our local post office only accepts packages going to USA, Canada, and Asian countries. Local post office stopped shipping to UK since March 22, 2021. So orders going to UK and other countries right now can only be shipped out via DHL eCommerce. Their prices are way more expensive due to security and Covid-related surcharges.

I’ll be cross posting this update on my social media accounts just in case other customers can’t check their messages or their emails! If you have any questions, do let me know 🙂

You can reply here or contact me via Instagram or Twitter via @dettsuart or @lilium_dettsu, or my Curious Cat if you prefer to stay anonymous:

Sorry again for the delays and thank you so much for being so patient and understanding!! ????
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