January 2021 Production Update

Despite sending in files and revisions a bit earlier than intended, production of some merch are still affected by the Chinese New Year holidays!

‼️ Holidays last for the whole of February ‼️

Most of my manus will be on vacation, so production will be delayed for the following:

🔸 Mesmerizer: Shinsou enamel pin (Patreon)
🔸 Hope in the Wind Hawks enamel pin
🔸 Fiery Bonds of Friendship Axel chakrams enamel pins
🔸 Pearlescence villain enamel pins
🔸 Asphyxia Shigaraki enamel pins
🔸 Villain dolls
🔸 InaTodo Vampire Hunter acrylic charm
🔸 Future acrylic charm releases

These merch will be shipped to me by end of March to early April. Villain dolls may extend from April to May, but I’ve been bothering that manu for weeks already haha. We should have a doll sample hopefully within the week, like they promised 🙏🏼✨

Side note: In case the manu fails to show photos of the samples despite me paying and bugging them already for doll samples since last Nov 2020, I have a back up manu that my friend trusts just in case! 😤

(I believe they also work faster and I’ll be switching to them in the future!)

Omanjuu production is not affected, but they will still arrive to me by mid March or so as well! Sorry the new designs are taking a while, I’m still kinda resting but also kinda busy at the same time 😅

Will be extending the manjuu preorders after I finish the designs this week owo

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to comment or use the contact form! Thanks again to everyone for being super patient 🤗💖💖💖

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