End of Month Sale!

Hello, folks!

Hope you’re all doing well 😀

We’re announcing the new End of Month Sale happening from September 20th until the 30th.

As  it is, it’s been difficult to save up to pay for the accumulated hospital bills when I got admitted and confined in the first week of September. Even with the help of generous folks who donated to my ko-fi and bank accounts, it still wasn’t enough;;

I don’t want to compromise the current schedule further by delaying production of pre-order merch. So I’ll be putting all in stock and pre-order items on sale until the end of the month! This will both help me pay my hospital bills and help expedite all on going merch production 🙏🏻✨

The percentage discount is applied to ALL ITEMS automatically, you’ll see the original price struck out on both the product pages and the main store page! This sale applies to all my stores on Shopee, Etsy, and here on Lilium 💐

Shipping schedule is back to every other week on Thursdays. The last ship out was September 17, and the next one should be around September 30, October 14, and so on.

Shipping is done by batches to make sure all the backlog will be prioritized and get shipped out first. The next schedules will accommodate the newer orders in First-In-First-Out manner.

Thanks once again to everyone who has been immensely patient with me and my current condition. In spite of everything, I will keep working hard to provide you guys with the art and merch you love and deserve 💖

Please take care and stay safe!

Happy shopping 😀

Community Quarantine Extension Part 3

Community quarantine in our state has once again been extended, and until May 31.

The dates and expectations for the updated quarantine rules were laid out in the news in a quite unorganized manner, so I had to wait for a bit before I announce this to make sure the information I have is accurate.

As expected, shipping dates will be delayed in accordance with the new quarantine schedule. Items will be shipped in weekly batches starting on the week of June 4. The store order tracker has been updated accordingly: store.dettsu.com/order-status

Sorry once again for the delays, I’ll be adding in freebies for the preorders made earlier this year!

For the customers who have placed their orders before May 13, you will receive a special 15% discount coupon in your emails within the week. This discount coupon will be valid without expiry until you use it up. However, it may not be used on sale items.

For customers who will place their orders until May 31, you can use H7PUPAVB at checkout to receive a 10% discount. This is valid for orders amounting to $10+, but also not eligible for use on sale items.

I’ll be in contact with my local post office to see if it would be possible to ship out items Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding up until now.

Please take care and stay safe!!!

1500 Twitter Followers Giveaway

Thank you so much for 1,500 followers on Twitter!

As thanks, I’m giving away enamel pins to 2 lucky winners! Each winner will get 1 enamel pin of their choice. The winner can choose any enamel pin design I have on my store.

The giveaway will begin on April 20 and end on May 13 (GMT +8).

※ Enamel pin stocks are subject to availability by the time the winners will be chosen.

To join, simply like and retweet my giveaway tweet, then follow the rules indicated to get more entries:

Important notes:

— The winners will be contacted via the email used in the giveaway
— If the winners do not respond within 24 hours of notifying them, new winners will be chosen

Store Reopen!

The store has been recovered and is now up and running again!

So I’ll give everyone a little treat hehe since it will also be my birthday next month 💖

Just use this coupon code at checkout to get 10% discount!

Other items on sale price (like old enamel pins) will get further reductions 😀