February – March 2021 Update


It’s been a while since I made a formal update on the store blog and newsletter, sorry about that! I’ve been trying my best to be more active on my socials but it’s just been really busy for a while so it was a bit difficult to keep up 😔

Here’s a little update on my current situation and how it affects the store and ship out schedules;;

My birth month had been busy, and I’m grateful to all old and new customers for still supporting my work until now! I hope you enjoyed the birth month sale I had last Feb. March has been just as busy, since our move got bumped to April (tho the actual process may take until May) so my partner and I had to work extra hard these past couple of weeks to save up on the deposit for the new place.

Unfortunately, I had to undergo surgery for 2 wisdom teeth that had to be extracted in one go. So our savings got a bit compromised;; But I’m positive we’ll make it in time so we can finally move our stuff to the new place including the new merch that will be coming in the next few weeks!! Any purchases made this month would be super appreciated since these will help fund our move 😭



On a positive note!

All enamel pins still on preorder status are currently in the last phase of production, and should be shipped out within the next 2 weeks. Supplier-san is taking a while probably due to their backlog. And I don’t want to rush them because I’m scared that might compromise quality;;

Here’s a photo of the Dabi/Touya pin from my Pearlescence series taken by supplier-san!

The photos are now uploaded in the shop listings! Lilium listing here, Etsy listing here.



The doll supplier I’ve switched to worked really fast on my samples!! I’m just waiting for the clothes to get done and they’ll be shipped to me soon. Preorders for the dolls are still on going to help us with the move. Production for the dolls will start as soon as the samples arrive to me and get my go signal.

Here are some photos of the dolls by supplier-san~!

This photo was taken before we revised Dabi’s eyebrows and Shiggy’s white shirt. I’ll be updating again once the dolls are here and I’m done inspecting them 🥰



Right now, my newest merch would be Genshin Impact themed things! Preorders are open for manjuu and seelie swing charms, cat shaped button pins and bean stickers are in stock as well. If you’re into Genshin Impact, I hope you’d take a look at my new stuff~!

I’m excited to post actual photos and videos of the seelie swing charms, and seeing friends buy the Childe manjuu just to bully him 🤣


Well, that’s it for now! I hope that explains the unusually long wait this time. Times are rough as our country is on our nth intense lockdown, and it’s been more than a year (March 15, 2020) since we went into quarantine.

The pandemic has made normal situation into more stressful circumstances and it’s been difficult for a lot of us. Please take care and stay safe out there! 💖

Happy Holidays!! — December 2020 Update

Hello everyone!!

This is the last blog post of the year. So I’d like to say a couple of things!


I am super grateful to all the customers, supporters, followers, and new friends I have made this 2020. Thank you so much for everything! Without you guys, I wouldn’t be able to have this level of success despite all the odds stacked against me. A lot of things have happened in my personal life that have led me to think several times that this path may not be for me.

But because of your amazing support and encouraging words, I am where I am today. I am able to celebrate small victories all thanks to you. I know this year is definitely not one of our best years. But I’d like to stay hopeful and optimistic for the days to come.

And as thanks! A heads up: I will be hosting a pin giveaway on my Instagram @dettsuart to celebrate 1000 Instagram followers! So make sure you follow me so you can join hehe. The post will be up by December 25, 2020 at 3:20pm GMT +8:00 around 9-10 hours from now. Just follow the guide in the caption of the post and you’re good to go 💖

As mentioned earlier on, the main store Lilium and the Etsy store will remain open during the Holidays and shipping will resume on January 2021. You can still check your order status here as I’ll be updating this file regularly!

It’s the 24th already where I am, and we’re doing prep for a small dinner at home to relax for the holidays. More updates will be posted at the end of the year but for the mean time, let’s chill for a bit.


Merry Christmas to all you lovely folks out there who celebrate it! And Hoppy Holidays for us who just need a well deserved break 🙏🏼✨


Love you lots, stay safe and healthy!!

October 2020 Update

This is the first time I’ve closed down the store for more than a couple of hours for an update!! And I’m glad to announce that the store is back up and running 💕

New preorders for manjuu are now open, this will be the last batch for this year. Holidays are nearing, which means supplier-sans will take a little longer to respond and packages may be a little slower once they’re out in transit to you.

I’ve changed couriers finally! My experience with the previous one wasn’t really good, but it’s a learning experience. Perhaps they were just really understaffed, but I don’t want anyone’s packages handled poorly. So I’m happy I was able to find alternatives in the past couple of weeks.

The post office near us misses me, as I haven’t gone there since February!! But my parents aren’t allowing me to use public transportation to go around (only my dad can drive and he has work) so I can’t go to the post office personally. But artist friends here are helping each other out, so we’ll be helping each other out with each other’s packages haha! I’m happy that despite these problem-ridden times, we’re able to make do with whatever networks we have. Post office rates have been updated as mentioned earlier. I’ve just fixed how everything looks so it won’t be too hard on the eyes.

The new schedule for shipments for the rest of the year are as follows:

DHL Express (international)
Transit time: 2-5 working days
Ship out: as often as needed, when packaging materials are available

Private Postal Service (international)
Transit time: 7-12 working days (Asia), 15-20 working days (others)
Ship out: every other week or every 5 orders 

Regular Mail aka Post office (international)
Transit time: 18-25 working days
Ship out: Oct 30, Nov 30, Dec 11 

Local shipments (Philippines)
Transit time: 3-5 working days
Ship out: every other day

The store’s default currency has been changed to (PHP) Philippine Peso! You can still view the prices in USD by using the store’s currency switcher, but I will still receive your payments in my country’s currency. I’ve also added GBP, EUR, and JPY for those based in other countries as well. Conversion has been bad recently due to our struggling economy, hence this change. I hope you guys don’t mind 🙏🏼💦

Hoping the rest of the year goes well for everyone! We’re still kinda under quarantine. Though, not really much has changed for me personally since I can’t really go out due to my asthma and weak lungs in general ;O;)/

Please continue practicing good hygiene and stay safe out there!

September 2020 Update

Hey, guys!

So most of the items in the store are already here, save for the dolls and the new batch of manjuu preorder batches. My problem with the dolls is the courier experiencing backlog due to Covid-19. They ship by sea and usually it takes 11 days for shipments to arrive, but recently it takes them up to a month. Hopefully, I get info soon if the dolls have arrived here in the Philippines! I’ll post asap when they’re finally home.



The post office is functional again! Parcels are accepted for limited countries only, and a surcharge has been added for all shipping fees. Prices have been adjusted, and can be seen at checkout! But if you choose regular mail for your shipping, your order will be shipped out around end of October to mid November 2020.

List of accepted countries for regular mail via Philippine Post Office

  • Australia
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom / Great Britain
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • USA

If you have questions, feel free to drop me a message via the contact form or dm me on Twitter! Please take care everyone 🙂

August 2020 Update

Hey guys!

I feel like I have to apologize since every update on here is about quarantine huhu but there’s not much going on here that’s affecting the store other than quarantine ><



Metro Manila is currently under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) due to hospitals going over capacity and health workers pleading our government to actually do something. MECQ will end on August 18, but we have no assurance until they’ve really laid out plans to do within these two weeks.

Fortunately, the private courier I use still does pickups. Essential services like markets, groceries, couriers, etc. are still functional. Although there are travel restrictions again, so post office trips may not be possible within the month. As of writing, there are also no updates regarding shipping outbound international mail. So until they make a formal announcement that the post office can ship outbound international mail, DHL will be the only courier I will be using for international mail hence the current price adjustment for shipping.

But DHL isn’t exempted from delays. They’ve probably slowed down due to the volume and the backlog from not being able to ship out things from March to May. So tracking numbers make take a week or two to be registered after I send them out! Packages get picked up from my place, then queued at the courier’s office to get tracking numbers, then queued at the courier’s vehicles for shipping out.

I humbly request everyone’s patience again;; I’m doing my best to ship out everything on time, but sometimes it’s difficult to manage because of various things I can’t control. So please, be safe when you go out!



Most items in the store have already arrived at my place! The only ones in production that haven’t come home are the Endeavor and Hawks dolls. They were supposed to be shipped out last week, but delays happened so I might get them mid August. It will depend on how strict the quarantine guidelines are this time, but I think that schedule will be more or less followed.

Boku no Neko Academia pins are still on preorder status, I will be placing the order with supplier-san this week. There are extras so the listing will remain up until all the stocks have been bought.

The neko pins will be shipped with the next batch of Hope in the Wind, Asphyxia, and Indoctrinate enamel pins. These are the Hawks enamel pins, Shigaraki hands chained enamel pins, and the Overhaul beak mask pin.

The Zack Fair pin for August to September Enamel Pin Club members should be released within the week as well. I will consider putting the Rengoku pin and the Zack Fair up for sale instead and close my Patreon should the situation worsen, as it would be difficult to manage everything in a pandemic + planning my moving out within the year.

Omanjuu have been ordered over the weekend plus some extra manjuu I can use for photoshoots. I ordered an extra Douma, an Inosuke piggy with ears, and my first test with Miruko. Will post updates when the supplier-san has informed me of printing.


That’s all for this month’s update! If you have questions, please let me know and I will do my best to answer them. You can still check the store’s order status page to check on your order! Just Ctrl+F your order number so you can find it in the order list.

Take care, everyone 🙂