Store Reopen!

The store has been recovered and is now up and running again!

So I’ll give everyone a little treat hehe since it will also be my birthday next month 💖

Just use this coupon code at checkout to get 10% discount!

Other items on sale price (like old enamel pins) will get further reductions 😀

Jan 2020 Update

Hey guys,

So it’s been a rough few weeks to start off the first year of the month. I’ve been going to the doctor every now and then, and I was supposed to be due for ultrasound earlier this week. But, because of the recent eruption of a nearby volcano which resulted in an almost week long ash fall, I wasn’t able to get back to the doctor and my asthma was just having a gymnastics session. Top it off with the news that I am laid off from work as a full time employee (so I “resigned”) but I will still be contacted for design gigs (so I guess that’s good, but it income won’t be as consistent as before.)

Right now, I’m just trying my best to be optimistic. And my last paycheck which is an amazing 160 USD that won’t last me long is a great motivation to get back to the hustle of struggling to get commissions and doing more work for the store while looking for another job.

And it just so happens that right when i was migrating my store to its own website, something happened after I asked technical support for help and it crashed! Just a few days ago! To think I was so excited to release new stuff huhu

But well, we can’t just sulk while everything’s falling apart. We still have to move forward and work towards what awaits us in the future.

In lieu of all these things happening all at once, I’ve decided to just revive my bigcartel and extend preorders until January 26. I’m sorry to everyone who has been anticipating production time. But all these things piling up plus debts and bills… it’s just so overwhelming. But I’m doing my best to keep it together and still deliver!

I hope I can do much better this year than I did last year. 2019 was just really a terrible year for me. So I hope I can truly push forward for a better 2020 with everyone, too.

Hope you guys are taking care of yourselves. Please always be safe! And get checked at the doctor often, you never know right?

For the mean time, I’ll be promoting myself so I can earn stuff and get things going.

Let’s do our best!

— Det

Dec Update

Hello everyone!

An update for the last December batch. Shipping is DELAYED due to my bank’s system being down on the day I was supposed to ship orders. The system went down on December 16. And that continued on towards the 17th, which was supposed to be the day I will be shipping stuff out.

Because of what happened, I had to reschedule certain transactions and bump up irl work I needed to prioritize over scheduling shipping again. I apologize for the delay 🙁

Good thing the bank went up and running smoothly again towards the afternoon of the 17th but I had deadlines to catch up with. Sigh.

Shipping of the last December batch is moved to December 21. Please anticipate your tracking number by then!

Everyone has been patient with me all year, and I truly appreciate your patronage of my works. I hope I can make it up to everyone next year somehow and come up with better stuff and also better ways to get my stuff out there!

I love all of you. It’s been a wonderful 2019 with all you wonderful people 🙂

— Det

Nov Update

Hello again!

Currently, the omanjuu from the previous batch are in transit to me. So I may be able to ship all pending orders until mid December.

There are delays for shipping schedules due to my current work schedule and recovery from flu. So next shipping batches would be on Nov 11-15, 2019.

As previously announced, I will be on vacation from Nov 28 to Dec 2 for my Singapore trip. During this time, the store will still be open, and I will be replying occasionally to queries! 

I will also be attending AFA SG Day 2 with my friends. If ever you ordered from my shop and would like to meet up, please message me first! So I can give you a code to waive your shipping fee. I will just ask for a $3 handling fee instead 🙂

Next shipping batch would be on December 9-13, 2019. This will be the last shipping batch for the year, and the store will remain open until December 25 or while stocks last.

Thanks again for your patience everyone!

— Det

Oct Update


The store is currently on soft reopening because I am currently in my resting period. The consecutive conventions and events had exhausted me physically, and my niece’s passing and funeral had drained me emotionally. Several instances followed and piled up, making everything overwhelming for me. So I needed a break for the mean time.

My social media accounts are deactivated in lieu of my resting period. Apologies if that amplified your worries. I just needed a break and some silence helped me regain some time to reflect on everything that has happened.

Thank you to everyone who messaged their concerns. All your kind words are truly appreciated. May you also have the same words of encouragement said to you in your times of darkness.

All current preorders are still in production, especially the manjuu and enamel pins. ETA for manjuu and enamel pins would be up to mid November. This is because of holidays at the area of the supplier. I will update again soon regarding their status.

All current on hand orders are currently being packed for shipping. Please anticipate your tracking numbers in the following days.

Once again, thank you everyone for your immense patience and understanding. 

I will be back shortly 🙂

— Det