Black Friday 2020

Hello everyone!

A month has passed since the last blog update about the store. I thought I’d update again regarding some minute changes!!

Shipping Restrictions

I’ll be shipping orders via post office weekly now since our parents finally allowed us to go out. Being an at risk person with bad lungs, it was difficult to convince them! But the post office is just near our house so it’s easy to just drop stuff off and go home right after. One notable change though is our post office only accepts parcels from certain countries due to restrictions in other countries, mostly in Europe.

Here’s a list of accepted countries by the local post office:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • most Asian countries

For countries not listed above, I can only ship out via DHL Express, DHL eCommerce (postal), and Premium Postal (Sweden post). The prices will be available at the cart page at at checkout, so you can decide which is better for you 😀

New shipping schedule

Shipments will be done weekly:

  • Post office, every Friday
  • DHL eCommerce and Premium Postal, every Wednesday
  • DHL Express, every Monday

Check out directly with your card via PayMongo

Also added a new payment method for both local and overseas customers!

You can now check out via PayMongo with your credit/debit cards. You can now bypass PayPal checkout if you prefer to check out directly with your card. Also, all transactions done through PayMongo will go straight to my bank account. So that’s a huge weight off my shoulders since I’m paranoid PayPal might hold my funds someday 😭

I’m also preparing subscriptions for when I move out of Patreon! Please look forward to it 😀

Black Friday Sale

And, most importantly! Black Friday sale is up from Nov 26-28! Although, I might extend it a bit depending on the store activity this weekend ehe 😅

Free shipping — orders above PhP 3,600 ~ $70 USD

LILIUM1127 — 10% off discount code

For those who prefer shopping in Etsy:

LILIUMFS — free shipping code for orders above PhP 3,600 ~ $70 USD

10% off storewide except for Face Masks for Charity

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via the store’s contact form, send me a question on CuriousCat (anon is on!), or dm me on twitter 😀

Please take care and stay safe!!!

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