March 2022 Update

Hello, folks!


Sorry I haven’t updated formally in the past 3 months. Life hasn’t been quite giving this time, and we’ve gotten a covid scare in the beginning of the year due to a close contact testing positive and my partner and I both got sick for a while. I’ve tried updating as much as possible on my social media channels but I’m certain not all customers follow my accounts. So I’m at fault here for leaving you all in the dark about what’s been happening 🙇🏻‍♀️

My partner lost his job during the Christmas season, so for the past couple of months we have been living solely from the store sales as I’ve also been ghosted by employers for the past year. It’s been difficult to get by because of this, and on top of that my health hasn’t improved too much. I’m due for a CT scan (has been delayed several months as well due to finances) to check complications from the surgery last year, and I’ve been dealing with terrible asthma attacks as well due to the tropical weather.

This is the reason why production has been delayed for pre-order items because money was redirected to my medication, our bills and daily expenses lest we get kicked out. I should have updated you guys sooner, but it has been difficult literally and figuratively to breathe in the middle of all of these problems. And for that, I apologize for my shortcomings 😔

However, we’ve been working hard to get employed and finally set things back on track. We’ve had luck just this month, and I’ve finally gotten paid and set all pre-order items back into production. Some were already in the process of production and just waiting to be shipped out, but some of our manufacturers have also been experiencing delays, covid resurgences and lockdowns, and price increases due to the pandemic as well.

Despite this, I won’t be increasing my prices. But I’m hoping shipping wouldn’t be too affected when we start sending out items again later on.



Processing orders may still be a bit slow since I’m working now to catch up with all the store backlog. But all shipping schedules have been updated and can be accessed via You can also check for your order’s status specifically via to see which shipping batch you’re included in. Just click the tiny magnifying glass at the upper right hand corner of the table to search your order number. (Ctrl + F somehow doesn’t work for this).

In case of website maintenance, you can access your order status via instead.

All websites mentioned above have always been updated regularly even if I’m not actively using (store-related) social media. Links to these websites have also always been available via my Etsy homepage and Etsy thank you for purchasing messages on top of my main store’s website. If I was not able to reply to shipping delay concerns, you may check on the schedules that can be found in these websites.



Pin Club has been inactive for almost a year now, and I’m sorting out the production for the remaining pins from the last production cycle. It’s very late, but I don’t want to sacrifice any lapses in quality either. I’m working with the same manufacturer for all my pins but with a different agent, as my previous agent left their company to get married (I love that she had me updated on this lol).

So I’m working it out with the new agent so we can still receive the quality pins we’re all expecting of them. This is why it’s taking a bit longer, since I’m familiarizing the new agent with my specific requests for pin production from previous transactions.

All pre-order status pins are with the supplier and I am currently waiting for updates regarding production, other possible delays, and ETA to my place here in the Philippines.

Pins included in this batch:

  • Peach Brooches: MESMERIZER Shinsou with mask default variant
  • Peach Brooches: SEA BIRDS EraserMic pirate au default variant
  • Peach Brooches: SEA BIRDS EraserMic pirate au purple variant
  • Peach Brooches: SEA BIRDS EraserMic pirate au black glitter variant
  • Peach Brooches: BARCELONA Victuuri bday pin
  • Boku no Neko Academia: NEKOMIMI Shinsou variant
  • ASPHYXIA: Shigaraki collar pins

Production time for pins usually take 2 weeks. So far, this manufacturer has not mentioned any upcoming holidays (Chinese New Year just ended recently). But they had experienced lockdowns at the factory before. If there are no other causes of delay, I may receive the pins early April 2022. Pins may be shipped out shortly after they are sorted out.



The Villain dolls are the ones affected the most by price increase by my current manufacturer. But seeing as the dolls are already premium priced, I’ve decided not to increases the price of the dolls anymore as well. The dolls are currently with the manufacturer, I’m just waiting for them to send photos for updates.

Production time is around 15-20 days (excluding holidays and weekends), so I’m expecting the dolls to be done without revisions before April ends. However, since shipping of the dolls takes around the same time, I might receive the Villain dolls around May 2022. The dolls will be shipped out shortly after being sorted. I’ll include freebies for all doll orders as thanks for always being patient with me 🙏🏻✨



Manjuus were supposed to be manufactured last January. But due to our covid scare and my medical emergencies, the manjuus were not ordered in time. My manufacturer has a deadline for each batch so I was expecting for them to have a February batch that I can catch up with. However, they only opened again this March.

This is why manjuu pre-orders have been open indefinitely because it was only this month that my manufacturer had a production scheduled to begin again. At the moment, pre-orders for manjuus will remain open until March 25.

Production for manjuus take around 3-5 weeks to complete due to my manufacturer actually sewing them by hand to ensure quality. So if you buy manjuus from my store, you are actually supporting 2 small business owners 💖 We thank you kindly for your support throughout the times I have had manjuus done with them.

But since this manufacturer has an upcoming holiday in their country on May, manjuus may be shipped out to me late April to early May 2022. Manjuus may be shipped out shortly after the given dates mentioned.



In the case of on hand items that are currently in stock or in the process of getting restocked, shipping schedule is still twice a month to accommodate our schedules and to avoid going out too often due to my immunocompromised self. All other pins not listed above are either in stock or (about to be) sold out. I won’t be restocking some older designs to make room for new incoming merch as well. Small items like stickers, pins, and lanyards are made locally. So these items do not take too long to produce and can easily be shipped out, so they’re almost always available.



Shipping internationally has been terrible lately. An artist friend who also had merch done and used the same forwarder as me only received her stuff late this month. Her production ended January of this year, and her package arrived in the country mid-February. But our customs held her package for more than a month before releasing it, despite having no other fees due.

There have also been delays with USA and Canada bound shipments sine January 2020. I have asked around as artist friends have been airing their experiences with their US customers not receiving their packages on time during this period.


No description available.

A friend has continuously asked their local post office for explanations as to why US packages were delayed, and we finally got this memo. it seems packages in the Philippines have to go through Japan Airlines before heading to LAX.

According to their explanation in person, apparently there is “airport congestion” indicated in the memo because ALL incoming packages to the USA are going through LAX only and no other sorting centers (very odd?). And that’s why international mail inbound to the USA is taking so long.

I hope that answers all questions regarding USA bound mail!

Regarding EU bound mail, I suppose it’s safe to say there may be delays with some EU countries considering what’s happening right now. I wish all Ukrainians safety in the days to come!

Previous shipping delays for on hand and in stock orders are because of my sudden sickness and doctor appointments;; I also had my third vaccine (booster) last week, so my entire body’s been jelly the past few days. Apologies if I wasn’t able to respond in a timely manner during this time.

My partner, who was supposed to be in charge of answering queries while I was out cold, was also busy with taking care of me. We’ll be working on a system to ensure we’ll be able to give email updates regarding orders next time. Thank you for being patient with us. 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♂️



We are finally having our first local convention this year, and we’ll be having a booth at Cosplay Carnival this coming April 30-May 1. The store will be closed since we’ll be bringing the entire inventory there. We’ll reopen in May after we’ve sorted the inventory again ✨



And that’s the detailed update y’all deserve after my almost 3-month inactivity from the store’s social media accounts. It’s been hard being sick all the time;; But it’s also the first time I was officially diagnosed with any of the illnesses I thought I didn’t have for the past 20+ years. So I’m grateful I’ve finally gotten the medical attention I needed (maybe not like that, but still huhu).

Thank you again to everyone who has been patient with their orders. We’re doing our best keeping ourselves alive despite this pandemic! And with all this waiting, I’m glad you still support the work I do. I’m finally celebrating being employed after 2 years of no formal employment. I’ve only ever had my shop after all! I can finally afford to give all late orders the freebies they deserve as well 😅

Please please please, take care of your health!
And stay safe out there.

My gratitude towards all of you knows no bounds 💖

November 2021 Update

Hello, folks!

Thought I’d give a little update regarding the store and what’s been going on behind the scenes 😀



Right now, I still haven’t fully recovered from my surgery. And I’ll be due another doctor’s appointment within the month. Hopefully, it’s nothing too bad post-op but we want to be careful. After all, another hospital visit would be another huge setback;;



The first half of the villain doll orders have been shipped out! These include half of the USA-bound orders and some EU as well. Batch 1 of USA-bound orders were shipped previously via DHL Express to my friend and contact in San Leandro, CA. These were then shipped out individually via USPS to each patient customer. Some non-USA doll orders were shipped out via our local post office, PHLPost, as they have allowed more countries this past month for shipping. Other villain doll orders bound to EU countries were shipped via DHL eCommerce and PostNord Sweden, whichever courier is available for each country.



Dolls have taken the priority for ship outs so some on hand items got delayed a bit! The last ship out for on hand items were on October 25, and the next batch will be shipped out on November 12.

Because of my partner’s new work schedule starting this month, we’ll also be adjusting the times we can go out since he needs to help me carry stuff around while I recover. I will still try to ship out orders as often as I could. But please bear in mind, because of local restrictions and Covid-19 case surges on top of my health condition, we may limit ship outs to the post office to once every 2 weeks.



Our private courier also announced that DHL eCommerce will be discontinued worldwide after November 12. They will be using a new courier partner similar to DHL eCommerce in terms of pricing and transit times. I will share more information about it when it becomes available! This means the prices for shipping via DHL eCommerce in the store will be the same, just with a different courier in the future.



As mentioned in the previous update, all enamel pin pre-orders were divided into batches due to our financial constraints caused by my hospitalization and surgery. Having them made all at once was simply impossible while paying off my hospital bill and getting my meds and appointments. The first batch had started production a few weeks back and should be done by the end of this week.

This batch includes the following pins:

The rest of the pre-order pins and remaining Pin Club rewards will be made and shipped out by January or February next year, 2022.

[UPDATE NOV-23-2021]: There have been several set backs with the current enamel pin batch at the manufacturer. They took a while with my restock pins since my agent is new. My previous agent resigned from work to get married and she moved to the countryside! Bless her soul, I wish her happiness ????

Some fees also increased, so production slowed down a bit more due to my current financial situation from being hospitalized. This is the same manufacturer, but my new agent said they had a hard time with the glitter pins this time around. They took a while to redo especially the Xiao mask pins! The first glitter pin barely has any visible glitter on for some reason, though all the glow in the dark bits are okay. I just ended up paying extra so we can get the glitter right;;;

These were supposed to be shipped to me a few days ago but because of the revisions, they got delayed even more ????

The final date of shipment to me would be December 3, 2021. It’s cutting it a little too close to the holiday season for me and I’m just really afraid packages may get lost in the mail during these times. I’ll do my best to ensure nothing gets lost in the mail ^^

** To make sure you’re updated with store related news like shipping schedule updates and delays in production, please do follow my socials! I post regularly about the store especially on my Instagram stories. Or you may subscribe to the store newsletter to receive updates in your emails. Otherwise, all updates are posted on the store blog ????



Thank you once again to all you kind folks for being super patient with me despite all the setbacks caused by my weak health. I am lucky enough that I never caught Covid-19 the entire time. but I’ve been extra careful even though I often leave our tiny apartment to ship items out every other week.

The last pre-order period will be until around mid December for next year’s first omanjuu batch! This website will be temporarily unavailable after that since we are currently moving web hosts. but our Etsy store will remain open all throughout! Last ship out via post office will be on the first week of December. We’re avoiding shipping out during December to avoid lost parcels as much as possible. But we can accommodate orders with DHL Express shipments until December 17.

Don’t forget, we’ll also be on sale during Black Friday. So be on the look out!


Thank you again, wonderful people ????
May the rest of the year be good to you ????



  • Regular mail via PHLPost ship out once every 2 weeks
  • DHL eCommerce will be replaced by a new private courier (same price and transit time)
  • Post Nord Sweden and private couriers ship out weekly
  • DHL Express ship out weekly or as needed



  • Oct 23, Villain dolls USA batch 1 ship out
  • Oct 25, Villain dolls UK + EU, regular mail ship out
  • Oct 29, Villain dolls EU  DHL eCommerce ship out
  • Nov 4, Villain dolls PH ship out
  • Nov 11, Villain dolls EU PostNord Sweden ship out
  • Nov 12, regular mail ship out
  • Nov 18, regular mail ship out
  • Nov 26, regular mail ship out
  • Nov 29, Villain dolls USA batch 2 ship out
  • Dec 10, regular mail last ship out
  • Dec 17, DHL Express last ship out

End of Month Sale!

Hello, folks!

Hope you’re all doing well 😀

We’re announcing the new End of Month Sale happening from September 20th until the 30th.

As  it is, it’s been difficult to save up to pay for the accumulated hospital bills when I got admitted and confined in the first week of September. Even with the help of generous folks who donated to my ko-fi and bank accounts, it still wasn’t enough;;

I don’t want to compromise the current schedule further by delaying production of pre-order merch. So I’ll be putting all in stock and pre-order items on sale until the end of the month! This will both help me pay my hospital bills and help expedite all on going merch production ????????✨

The percentage discount is applied to ALL ITEMS automatically, you’ll see the original price struck out on both the product pages and the main store page! This sale applies to all my stores on Shopee, Etsy, and here on Lilium ????

Shipping schedule is back to every other week on Thursdays. The last ship out was September 17, and the next one should be around September 30, October 14, and so on.

Shipping is done by batches to make sure all the backlog will be prioritized and get shipped out first. The next schedules will accommodate the newer orders in First-In-First-Out manner.

Thanks once again to everyone who has been immensely patient with me and my current condition. In spite of everything, I will keep working hard to provide you guys with the art and merch you love and deserve ????

Please take care and stay safe!

Happy shopping 😀

September 2021 Update

Note: Sent out via newsletter, via customer emails, and via Etsy messages for most delayed shipments. You may receive this update more than once! But this is also to make sure all customers are informed of what’s happening from the store’s side of things especially since there’s a worldwide pandecoco ????
Sorry for the delays in getting orders shipped out.

No worries though as I tested negative for Covid-19 and the surgery went well! For those curious, it was laparoscopic cholecystectomy or removal of the gallbladder. I am currently at home resting and not allowed to move much, a lot of parts hurt and my wounds tend to open when I move around too much;; This means I can’t go out for the mean time to process shipments.
Mostly good news~!

The doll manufacturer messaged me and said lockdown in their area has been lifted, and the dolls are on their way home to me! Needless to say, I’m excited for all the dolls to finally come home so they can all be shipped to you guys soonest ????
According to my shipping agent, it may take up to 3 or so weeks for the dolls to get here since customs here has been slow due to Covid surge in recent months. Some postal services and related agencies also underwent quarantine here which led to weeks of no ship outs from the whole country. If you’ve been tracking your order and it hasn’t moved from dispatch, this may be the reason!
I’ve also received messages from Germany-based customers where their packages are being returned to the Philippines without delivery attempts to their address.
Please double check with your local postal services if packages from the Philippines will be barred entry. If so, please let me know asap! I can hold on to your orders so we can prevent packages getting lost or returned.
Regarding enamel pin pre-orders, they are still in pre-production stage since I was suddenly hospitalized;; They would have been done way earlier but both my manufacturer (in Yangzhou) and I (in Metro Manila) experienced consecutive months of lockdowns due to the Covid-19 Delta Variant surge since July. Even though I’ve been actively working on the pins, factories were closed for a while ????
Ideally, pins will be done by early to mid October so pins and dolls will be shipped around the same timeframe. But because of my current financial constraint caused by my recent surgery, pin production will be divided into 2 batches. The simpler designs will be slotted for production first, while the bigger pins and pin club extras will be slowly pushed for production next. Simpler designs include Muzzlehaul and and Xiao mask pins and other restocks.


Again, sorry for the delays;; The pandecoco hasn’t been kind to a lot of us, especially here in developing countries where it’s a struggle to get tested and vaccinated or even get a room in the nearest hospital. My health hasn’t been the best;; But I’ll be doing everything in my power to recover quickly so I can catch up with all the backlog we’ve experienced due to the lockdowns since July 2021.

For customers with immediate concerns, you may contact the store via email at or so my partner and I can assist you as soon as we’re able. Please let us know if you will have any address change from September to October so the labels of your packages will be updated accordingly!
Thank you for all the patience and compassion you’ve been showing small businesses especially during these trying times. Please take care of yourselves and invest in your healthcare!

August 2021 Update

Hello folks! Long time no update ????

The move has been mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially taxing so I’ve been hyper focused on finishing my shipment backlogs and pre-order item orders for the past couple of months. Unfortunately, I did get sick and we didn’t have internet for a while thanks to our provider going under maintenance for an entire week last month ????

I have some good news and some bad news.  So let’s get the bad news out of the way first.


A few days back, our government put us under quarantine again for August ????

We’re under General Community Quarantine (GCQ) from July 30 to August 5, and will be under Enhanced Community Quarantine from August 6 to 20. They also announced that PHLPost, our post office, will be closed this August. The date for reopening is indefinite as of writing. So all regular mail shipments on queue are on hold for now.

But if you’re in a hurry, PostNord and DHL Express are still available options since private couriers will remain open during ECQ. If you’d like to upgrade your shipping to PostNord or DHL Express, just send the store an email or dm me on my socials so I can invoice you your new shipping fee.

Note: you can check shipping fee estimates by putting the same items you ordered in your cart and choosing PostNord or DHL Express without checking out.

Some items in production or in transit may take longer times to get to me because of reimplementing all previous restrictions. But I’ll do my best to update as often as I can.

However! Here are some good updates for you especially if you’re waiting for previous pre-orders ✨

???? ENAMEL PINS ????

Enamel pins in pre-order status are currently starting production. I’m in contact with my usual manu (whom I love so much ngl) and we’re currently in the revisions stage. The production usually just takes 2 weeks or so, but I do rigorous quality checks with my manu. This is to avoid as many B-grades as possible so you can get the quality pins that you deserve!

The Shinsou pins from Patreon has just been shipped out last weekend, so extras are now available in store. The pin club is also slowly moving to ko-fi! Pin club extras are also available in store and on ko-fi as well. Pin club will resume bi-monthly pins on September 2021.

Some old designs will retire soon after getting sold out, so please go get them while you can ????


The villain dolls finished production recently but I haven’t been able to post much about it! They’re currently in transit to me via sea freight so it’s gonna take a while for them to reach me before I get to sort, pack, and ship them all out. I’m just praying at this point that the current restrictions won’t delay the dolls’ arrival any further. But just in case, let’s be prepared to wait a little more since local cargo ships may take more time to disembark shipments during quarantine this month.

There was also an interest in a second batch for dolls since Dabi sold out faster than the other designs. The EndHawks designs are mostly sold out, too. So I’ve opened batch 2 of preorders for the dolls! We just have to reach 20 orders for a design to push through with production. Production will be smoother and faster this time since I’m sure this manu won’t ghost me like the first one ????

Thanks again everyone for the immense patience and understanding ????????✨

There’s a new variant of Covid-19 going about, so please take care and stay safe and healthy! Hopefully, things will settle down here after the next quarantine ends ????