April 2021 Update: Quarantine v2

Hello all~!

Just a quick update, our state has been under Enhanced Community Quarantine yet again since (March 21 to April 4) due to another surge in Covid-19 cases. And it has just been announced tonight that this new lockdown has been extended yet again for another week. (Source: CNN Philippines)

Note: Please read through the end to get a 10% off coupon!!

ECQ Extended, CNN Philippines

I am writing this post as I am reading through the new guidelines 😔

Right now, I am praying to all the forces in the universe that postal services won’t be too affected by the new restrictions. They have announced as well that local postal services will have a skeletal workforce for the mean time. Unsure right now if flights for packages are affected to an extent. But hopefully, we can still ship out stuff normally. If not, we’ll be waiting for restrictions to ease again before going to the post office again;;

On top of this, my partner and I area also in the middle of our move so all these things happening all at once + me recovering from surgery is a bit overwhelming. But that you so much for your patience and supporting the kind of work we do!!



Enamel pins that were on preorder from December to February have arrived this week! I’m planning to ship complete on hand orders within the week if postal services would allow. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait until last week April to first week May to ship out orders.

The Mesmerizer: Shinsou pin extras are now also available at the main store and Etsy store!



Samples are already done and are currently being shipped to me!! Just waiting for them to arrive next week. Once the samples are good to go, I’ll be giving the manufacturer the go signal to continue mass production! The current batch is a new preorder batch since we went past the original goal of 20 dolls per character. Thanks so much for supporting the dolls 💖



As mentioned earlier, so many things have been going on;; The first few months of the year, some merch got delayed due to Chinese New Year Holidays. Then shipping schedules were constantly adjusted since I had to go back and forth to the dentist, and eventually I had emergency surgery done. And on top of that, ECQ was announced while me and my partner are preparing for our move 😩

Everything has been a lot to deal with, but I’m optimistic! And that’s because you guys have been supporting our work for a long time. As thanks, we’ll be having a short MOVING OUT SALE from April 4 to 6 on both the main store and the Etsy store! Just use the code LILIUMMOVE at check out to avail a 10% discount on your order, no minimum amount required! Discount won’t apply to sale items and Patreon extras.

Thank you so much for bearing with the numerous setbacks 😭😭😭

I’ll do my best to update as often as I can!! I’ll be packing orders while we bide our time with the current lockdown so I can ship out all your stuff as soon as we’re able 🥰

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this post on the main store’s blog or message me on any of my active social media accounts! You can also ask via anon on my CuriousCat 😻

Please take care and stay safe 😷🙏🏼✨

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