In the language of flowers, lilies mean dedication and devotion. And that’s how the shop got its name.

Run mostly by a one girl team, Lilium—by Dettsu conceptualizes and creates fandom experiences in the form of fan made merchandise, an embodiment of a fan’s devotion to their fave or bias.

Although Dettsu has had experience in creating art, merch, and selling in cons as well as organizing fan events, the store started gaining traction online when quarantine started in our country last March 2020. Due to circumstances brought about by 2020, Dettsu became a full time artist able to focus on the development of Lilium and its creative products.

Through Lilium, Dettsu is fulfilling her dream of being able to support herself doing the things she loves. And eventually, the same things that had kept her going for so long are now finally helping her grow and transition into a new life as she creates her own space and further grows Lilium into a lush, abundant, and much more plentiful garden.

The creation of Lilium has been helping Dettsu earn a living despite the difficulties of quarantine, and supporting her move out of her troubled home into a space she can call her own.

Thank you for looking!


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